Why Purchasing a Pre-Owned Phone is an Economical Choice

Posted by Bonnie on Jun 18th 2020

Why Purchasing a Pre-Owned Phone is an Economical Choice

I have worked for a company that sells new phones, and now I work for a company that sells used phones. I have heard the joys and complaints from both sides. There are pros and cons to buying used phones, but hopefully you will be equipped to make an informed decision about your next cell phone purchase after reading this.


1. Used cell phones function just as well as new phones and cost less.

2. Buying a pre-owned phone saves the environment by keeping used phones out of landfills.

3. There are many trusted websites where used phones are available for sale: Swappa, eBay, Amazon, Walmart.com, Facebook, and so on.

4. You love your previous phone's features and prefer to stay with what you know. The newer models seem to get more and more complicated.

5. You have the option to shop around for the best deal with used phones. The second-hand phone industry is growing as more buyers are looking for used devices. Healthy competition in the industry means great options for consumers.


1. There is that concern floating around your mind that you may be spending your money on a dud. Is the seller trustworthy? Is this phone really going to be in "like new" condition? Will it continue to work after the 30-day guarantee?

2. Used phones sometimes are blacklisted (reported lost or stolen). Pre-owned phones typically have lower battery health. They also show signs of wear and tear (but usually a nice phone case can hide those imperfections).

3. New phones come with standard warranties that cover hardware and manufacturing issues. Used phones are typically not covered unless you purchase a third-party plan from a company such as Square Trade.

4. Sometimes you can get a better deal through your carrier. For example, my hubby and I finally upgraded our iPhone 8’s to iPhone X’s with a “buy one, get one free” Valentine’s special offered by our carrier.

Finding a great phone at a great price is important, especially as prices continue to increase for the newest technology. Follow these guidelines to ensure a positive used phone shopping experience.

1. Read the details! Do not make a purchase based on the title of an item. Many online sellers use multiple keywords to describe an item to ensure their listing is seen by as many buyers as possible. Make sure you are purchasing the phone that you want, the carrier option you need, the color you want, and the capacity you need.

2. Know the return policy! Most used phone retailers have a 30-day guarantee, some shorter and some up to 90 days. If you purchase a phone with a 30-day return policy, make sure to get familiar with the device within the first 3 weeks. Make sure that you can access your accounts, download apps, connect to wi-fi, update the software, recover your data from a previous phone, and most importantly connect to your wireless service.

3. Communication is key! If you have any issues with the device, contact the seller. Often, they can help resolve issues without having to go through the return process. If you need to return the phone, make sure you follow all the guidelines in the seller’s return policy. Make sure to sign out of your accounts and reset the phone to factory settings before you return it. You may forego a full refund if you disregard the return instructions.

To wrap it all up, buying a pre-owned phone is a wise decision, and it can save you money and save the environment. With so many places to buy used devices, you are sure to find great deals on reliable phones. Take your time and shop around. Check the specifics of the listing to make sure you purchase the correct item. Then you can feel good about your new-ish purchase!